Ceremony by Parmar Parker spoke to accesory designer Tilly Thomas Lux about her amazing career, celebrity endorsements and bespoke service. If you’re looking for a statement headpiece and a little something different then look no further.
Can you tell us a little bit about how and when you started the brand? I started my business around 6 years ago and I quit my job in fashion jewellery design 5 years this September. I was tired of designing throw away jewellery that was mass produced and for years before TTL I used to make pieces for friends and family weddings so it was a natural progression. I have always loved the magic of weddings. I named my brand after my grandma too because she always wore sparkle in her hair! What inspires you and your designs?  So many things inspire me. Old Hollywood films, exhibitions, architecture, mermaids and goddesses, Nature, wildlife, the night sky, the sun the moon and out of all of these the stars! I am truly a magpie and my TTL brides are too! Can you tell us a little bit about the current collection, and what it comprises of?  So my current collection is SUNBURST , I came across a quote “inspiration can come from a ray of sunshine” which is so true ! …In this collection, I’ve incorporated solar shapes, glistening gold and sparkling stones reminiscent of sunshine glittering on the surface of a beautiful ocean. However, there couldn’t be the sun without the moon, so there are a number of beautiful lunar inspired pieces too. I’m in love with HESTIA crown and ATHENA crown along with SELENE moon. Which ties in with our ever popular shooting stars. All of my collections blend so well with one another. Can you tell us a little bit about how your bespoke process works? Can a bride get bespoke earrings as well as head pieces? How long do they take to make?  So with bespoke we have a meeting in person in my home studio or video calls with over seas brides have been working really well of late. We chat about all things wedding, dress, shoes, hair and general vibe! (how amazing for me to have these chats , I do feel very lucky working in the bridal industry) Then I design the piece on a flat layout using the pieces/components/Swarovski crystals So the bride will see exactly how it looks. I make my Own shapes using stones and My cast pieces so each piece is individual. Brides sometimes like to mix two pieces together to make their own variation. Once  the design is chosen it is then specced up and sent to my model maker to be soldered. Then the piece comes back to me. I then model it on my head for the bride to see and then I send to my UK plater and then it comes back to me and I stone set it! A long process but totally worth it. All made in The UK and we are very proud of this! We also make earrings and we can use a vintage piece as inspiration for a new TTL piece. Your works of art are regularly seen on many red carpets and celebrities, can you name a few and tell us who’s been your favourite? (Any photos you have of this would also be great) Yes I have been very lucky ! I was so happy when I saw Emma Bunton Wearing our EMMA clip when I took my nieces to see the spice girls last year! Also dame Emma Thomson was a highlight, I absolutely love her. I love Rochelle Hulmes too and also Laura Whitmore Also working with Millie Macintosh on her bespoke headpiece and with Kate at Halfpenny was amazing too.
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